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Monday, January 16, 2017

Don't miss Newt Gingrich's terrific interview in DER SPIEGEL

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Some excerpts...

SPIEGEL: Many people fear that after Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20, the United States will become a less tolerant and instead more authoritarian, Putin-style state. This fear is also palpable in Europe.

Gingrich: That is irrational verging on insane. I mean, any suggestion that the most open and diverse society on the planet is likely to in any way resemble Russia requires a suspension of common sense that is pretty hard to deal with. Have you ever been in Moscow?

SPIEGEL: No, unfortunately not.

SPIEGEL: Europeans fear the consequences of a new Trump-Putin alliance. What do you expect in this regard?

Gingrich: I expect that Trump believes we do not have an obligation to have a Cold War with Russia, but that he is very cautious. By the way, you all have this schizophrenic approach. People are afraid that he'll launch an arms race, and you're afraid that he'll sell out to Putin, and you do both simultaneously. That's pretty cool. I mean, which is the greater fear? Trump is the one who said if somebody really wants an arms race, we'll drown him.

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