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Friday, February 5, 2016

Maurice White, R.I.P.

Click here to hear EVIL.

I remember when I first heard Earth Wind and Fire on the bitty TV in my Graduate School dorm room. They performed 'Evil', from the HEAD TO THE SKY album. I was blown away, and instantly became a fan. That was back in the 70's.

Click here to hear STAND BY ME.
Of course, White's musical career was not limited to this group either before or after.

In 1985 he released a solo album notable for a rendition of Ben E. King's hit, 'Stand by Me' which, unlike many other covers of its day, manages to be both thoroughly-80's yet ever-fresh : a perennial, like Earth Wind and Fire's 'September', a happy choice by the couple whose wedding reception I recently attended last fall.

For me, White's music was meaningful yet seldom dull, fun yet serious and uplifting.