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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fed up with the Fed, Part N

Fed up with the spineless Fed, for finding yet another excuse not to raise interest rates a minuscule 0.25%, which would represent a pathetically halting step toward monetary normality. 

Supposedly the reason was "global weakness", apparently triggered by the Chinese economy's decline. 

So...  Odds are we'll see QE-Next sooner than we'll see a change in Fed rate policy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

They care about Cecil, but what about the People of Zimbabwe ?

I find it tragic that so much ink has been spilled and so much animus provoked by the killing of the lion Cecil in Zimbabwe, while the cruely, repression, and outright evil of the Mugabe regime goes unremarked.  It is a testimony to the utter superficiality of the media and their assiduous followers. 

NFL/ESPN Aversion Therapy Working !!!

In my May 10 post on the subject of NEVER-TO-BE-SPOKEN-OF-AGAIN-GATE, I recounted how the rank excesses as well as prejudices, hatreds, and calumnies -- look it up, Gen X'ers and milennials -- had weaned me from a routine of watching ESPN, NFL Network, and listening to Sports radio.

I can report that with the exception of VB day -- Victory Brady Day -- my mild addiction has been conquered.  I no longer feel the need to hear opinions proferred by the nattering nabobs in Bristol and elsewhere. I just don't give a damn.  And if, say, I find out that a product I use is the endorsed by ESPN, well, sayonara product.