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Monday, June 8, 2015

Here's a thought for the Boston 2024 Olympics...

Forget the bloated Olympic games that serve no useful public purpose, let alone justify the massive dislocations and expenses involved. By all means, ask the Greeks what their legacy from the 2004 games was, beyond crushing debt and crumbling, useless venues.  Then consider what a worthy 2024 Olympics for Boston should be : a comprehensive, ambitious project designed to repair roads and bridges, rescue the schools and public education, work with the Commonwealth to repair and improve mass transit,  address urban over-development and attendant congestion, and reform the city's finances with a view to reducing the oppressive property-tax burden on those who are not in the 1%.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

R.I.P., Louis Johnson

...founder of the Brothers Johnson, pictured above, at left,  To hear the group's hit recording STOMP, click here.

Russian adventurism continues in the Ukraine...

...and one wonders, does Obama take notice, and if he does, what does he propose to do about it ? Get Kerry onto some crutches and into a military jet, for more of the useless, dilatory diplomacy that has been the hallmark of this administration ? Probably.

Euro Officials will cave, and Greece will skate...

...or at least so it seems at this hour. 

The Euro powers-that-be -- as well as the IMF -- lack the guts to force the issue, i.e., reform of the bloated, ineffectual Greek public sector and its anti-productive labor restraints.

That being the case,  how long before the other sick men of Europe come to call for their concessions ?

Will caving to Tsipras and his buds really contain contagion, or rather speed the Euro's demise ? I'd bet my lunch on the latter.