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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Deflategate Coverage - Aversion Therapy or Mere Torture ?

Like the cigarettes above, too much of a good thing -- even a known carcinogen -- really can put you off an addiction. Whether in the form of deliberate professionally-applied aversion therapy, or not.

In my case, the nonstop voluminous, pervasive, sanctimonious spewings about Deflategate have cured me of a mild addiction to Sports Talk on TV and the Web. Gone are the days when I'd watch Mike and Mike or Pardon the Interruption , or fire up the laptop and follow the NFL Draft on ESPN or read Peter King's MMQB column at SI. Or have the radio playing WEEI or The Sports Hub in the background for, golly, minutes at a time.

Don't think I'll be tuning in much to the NFL Network, let alone many NFL games next season.