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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Iraq : Enough is enough UPDATED

UPDATE : For an examination of ISIS' long-term strategy and its capabilities going forward, see Bill Roggio's "Analysis: ISIS, allies reviving 'Baghdad belts' battle plan" in The Long War Journal. Clearly Roggio believes ISIS not shot its bolt...

* * *

The mere suggestion that we lend support to the ruthless, corrupt Maliki regime in any way shape or form should be met, by any thinking American, with extreme loathing and unbridled anger.  What does the U.S. owe Iraq ?  More blood and treasure ? We have nothing to prove and nothing at stake. ISIS has largely shot its bolt, politically and perhaps militarily. Assad has gotten what he needed from ISIS as his pawn. Possibly too the Iraqi Sunnis whose alliance with ISIS was surely a temporary expedient.

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