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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Red Sox 2012 Demise : The Impossible Truth

Who really managed this team ?

Was it Bobby V (above), or his amazing look-alike. Carrot-Top ?

Star Wars Glut In the Offing ?

'Prequels',  can you say ???

Could be.  In The Guardian, Ben Child reports :

In the wake of Disney's $4.05bn purchase of all rights to Star Wars, filmgoers were expecting a new trilogy of films released over several years. But according to a number of US sites, new Lucasfilm chief executive Kathleen Kennedy has a far more aggressive plan. She is quoted as telling the new edition of Entertainment Weekly, which is due to hit US news stands today, that Disney envisions "two or three films a year".

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pats' Defensive Lapses -- The Impossible Truth

What could possibly account for the Patriots' bizarrely inconsistent defense ? The impossible truth can now be told.

During the NFL lockout, Pats' defensive coordinator Matt Patricia (above) was abducted, and his place taken by an uncanny look-alike (below), none other than Silent Bob, of Chasing Amy and Dogma fame.

UPDATE : Confidential sources confirm that Silent Bob is actually the second cunning substitute for Matt Patricia, the first having been Dr. John, the Night-Tripper (below) of Right Place, Wrong Time fame.