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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Euro Election Preview : Greece and the U.K.

International media attention seems focused on the French Presidential election, which will take place Sunday. But elections will also be held in the U.K. and Greece as well.

In Greece, the two main parties, PASOK (socialist) and New Democracy (conservative)--which are led by Evangelos Venizelos and Antonis Samaras respectively, and which bear much responsibility for the country's disastrous economic shape--appear to be recovering from their tailspins in the polls, and after Sunday's balloting may well end up in a coalition government . For more detail, check out Julia Amalia Heyer's report in Der Spiegel.

For the skinny on the U.K.'s local elections,  which proceed even as I type, check out Patrick Hennessey's piece in The Telegraph, 'Three main parties braced for setbacks'. Or Michael White's in The Guardian, 'Local elections likely to point to the mid-term blues for coalition'. Or The BBC's coverage, 'Local elections: Council and mayoral voting in full swing'. What's at stake in these local elections ? The BBC has the answer.

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