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Sunday, February 26, 2012

U.S. way past check-out time in Hotel Afghanistan

The latest enormities--assassinations of U.S. personnel excused as reactions to the accidental burning of Korans--should convince us to bid a not so fond, immediate farewell to Afghanistan. Of course, on our way out, we should blow up any materiel we can't take with us, and grant asylum to our most loyal Afghan friends, assuming they'd rather live than be slaughtered upon our exit. We should maintain a shadow covert presence sufficient to cause mischief both with the despicable, duplicitous Paks--who knowingly sheltered Bin Laden and assiduously abet the Taliban--as well as the Iranians, both of whom wish to play the Great Game in Afghanistan.  Let's not waste another drop of blood, or another dime, trying to do whatever we thought we were trying to do there. The lives of U.S. servicemen ravaged and wasted there can never be redeemed, especially at the cost of more American lives.