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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wacky GOP Week : Does it help anyone but Obama ?

UPDATED 1/20/2012

Maybe Romney. But I doubt it.  After all, one minute he's the Iowa winner, the next, he isn't.

Still, I confess...

- That I'm not at all disappointed that Jon Huntsman finally returned to the Mother Ship.  He struck me as being every bit as genuine and full of unshakeable conviction as Mitt Gumby. And by endorsing Mitt, he's well positioned... to inherit Mitt's minions and run as the GOP's 2016 candidate.

- That I'm somewhat entertained when Newt Gingrich shrugs off questions concerning the curious amendment he allegedly his second marriage.  Of course, we should wait to hear Newt's side of the story before reaching any conclusion on the matter. I'm sure it'll be every bit as plausible as the explanation he offered about his consulting work

- That I marvel at Rick Perry's perfect timing... leaping from his own sinking ship onto Gingrich's. It ranks right up there with that of the captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia, who claims to have stumbled overboard into a lifeboat, the difference being that the latter's wasn't taking water at the time.

( Meantime, on the NYT Op Ed Page, Maureen Dowd asks what I've wondered about for some time :  what, if anything, is at Mitt's core ? Which, let's face it, is not exactly evident in this video.  Clearly if there were something there, that voters could apprehend, regard as genuine, and connect with, something winning-- Romney wouldn't be stuck at 30-35% of the Republican caucus/primary vote. Then again, he'd still have to explain how you create American jobs by stashing $$$ in the Caymans.)

- That I'm glad the GOP field has narrowed to four ( not necessarily these four, mind you ). It should make for more focused and interesting debates.

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