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Monday, January 23, 2012

S.S. Gingrich More Seaworthy, and the S.S. Mitt Romney Off Course...

in South Carolina.

Okay, enough with the nautical metaphors. The S.C. Primary votes were as follows:

                   Pct      Votes
Gingrich    41%    243,153   
Romney     28%    167,279  
Santorum   17%    102,055  
Paul           13%      77,993  
Perry            0%       2,494

One thing missing from various analyses of the results I've read--and the Politico's is outstanding-- is any mention of the possibility that, as a Georgian, Gingrich might have been inherently more appealing to South Carolinians than the forrmer Governor of a blue, Yankee state.   

Of course, Newt's expert display of righteous (I stifle a chuckle here) indignation at the media for piling on about the open marriage thing didn't hurt. Neither did Romney's inexplicably weak response to the charge of 'vulture capitalism'. 

Does Romney suffer from that dread killer of candidates, the disease known as the Crown Prince Complex ? That would explain why Mitt and/or his brain-trust failed to anticipate and prepare a doughty defense for such attacks, which had been made against Mitt before--and to good effect--by Ted Kennedy during his 1994 U.S. Senate re-election campaign.

Maybe if Romney had run for re-election as governor--had deigned to defend his record--he would've acquired grit and innoculated/hardened himself and his campaign against such an onslaught. But no, Mitt took the last two years of his one and only term of office off, to run for President, during which two years he showed supremely poor taste by maligning his "home state" repeatedly. 

Oh yes, about his one and only victory in a REAL election, in 2002--Mitt won that (1) against a candidate severely weakened in a gruelling and expensive primary (2) by five whole percentage points, (3) by a plurality (4) and in a year that was big for Republican candidates, largely as a consequence of 9/11.

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