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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dud Sox Deny Sudsing It Up in Dugout

Beckett, Lackey and Lester after a few brews.
The on-going Dud-Sox soap-opera grows ever more tiresome.

Wish the whole bunch --John Henry, Tek, Lester, Francona--would just shut up, and the new brain-trust would get on with preparations for next season.

Of course I have some suggestions.

1. Get Garza and a bag of balls from the Cubs for Theo and Lackey.
2. Tell Tek and Wake it's been real nice, and they're done.
3. Tell Big Papi to take his act--showing up the manager at a press briefing, mouthing off about the starting rotation, wasting critical at-bats, and doing some really dumb base-running--somewhere else for $12 M a year.
4. Tell Jed Lowrie there's no longer a roster-spot for the chronically injured.
6. After you find a manager, find a pitching coach.
7. Tell the guys they'll have to practice baseball fundamentals until they prove it (the practice that is) isn't needed.