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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Culture-Vulture-ing in Mystic, Connecticut and Mohegan Sun

Last weekend, the C.V. and Mrs. C.V. ventured to Mystic County, Connecticut, to visit with our nephew and his brood.

After checking into our New London motel, we drove to Mystic Seaport, only about 15 min. away. There's lots to see and do even for kiddos, and plenty of places onsite that provide food and drink and someplace to set for a spell. We spent only a couple of hours there, and felt we'd only scratched the surface. Next time, we'll take in more demos and go for a catboat cruise.

From Mystic Seaport, we headed north to Uncasville and Mohegan Sun, hoping to be early and beat the Saturday Night crowds. By the time we arrived (6 PM) only two floors of one of the large garages weren't full. After parking, we wended our way through hordes of gamblers and gawkers like ourselves and found a quiet table at Jasper White's Summer Shack Restaurant.

Beluga Whale charms my great-niece et al.
Next day, we met up with our nephew and the kinder at Mystic Aquarium. It's a great take-in for families, with plenty of indoor and outdoor exhibits. Sadly, we missed most of the demos and shows. We'll make a point of seeing them next time.
BTW, if you're planning a trip down to Mystic, be sure to check out the excellent tour info site, and check out the many discounts that are available.