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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Culture Vulture and the Mrs Go to the Fair

Hey ! You talkin' to me ? 
...the famous (in Massachusetts, that is) Topsfield Fair.

Jabba the Gourd poses with unidentified Fair-goer.
Yesterday was a brilliant,  cloudless. summer-warm Saturday, and naturally the traffic into Topsfield and Route 1 was backed up onto I-95.

We heeded signs indicating that all lots at the Fair were full (untrue), and parked at North Shore Comunity College. After a good twenty minutes or so, schoolbuses from Gloucester arrived to shuttle us to the Fair site.  

The grounds were thronged with children of all ages, taking in a wide range of agricultural exhibits,  events, games and rides, ranging from exotic flower arrangements from various Essex County garden clubs to gigantic gourds to racing pigs to a carousel, Ferris wheel, and bumper cars.     

Of all things I was most struck by the endless variety of poultry -- YES, POULTRY !  -- of which the specimen at the top--I believe his name is Travis-- is an excellent example. I will post the rest of my pix on FLICKR.