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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is it Time for the Prez to Panic ?

Damn straight!
Though the polled public seems underwhelmed by the current GOP Candidates, that's no reason for the Prez to be over-confident about his prospects in 2012.

In his POLITICO piece, Edward-Isaac Dovere describes waning 'blue-state' support for Obama :

In Democratic strongholds from Vermont to California—not to mention New York City, where the president helped sink his party’s nominee in Tuesday’s special election—Obama isn’t quite tanking, but he’s moving unmistakably in the wrong direction.

Those aren’t the only deep blue places where dissatisfaction in the Democratic base on everything from health care to Afghanistan to the environment is eating away at what should be far healthier polling numbers.

The issue isn’t whether the president will lose the collection of reliably blue states next November—he won’t. There isn’t a Republican in the race who can make a place like Connecticut or Maryland competitive.

But pollsters point to the canary-in-the-coalmine factor: if Obama can’t hold these voters, they say, it’s a sign that his wider support among the reliably Democratic electorate of liberals, labor, young people, Jews, African-Americans and other key blocs is withering. They won’t be there in large numbers to put him over the top again in borderline states, and they won’t be there to feed his campaign money and provide volunteer support at the levels they did in 2008.

Tuesday’s election in New York’s heavily Democratic Queens- and Brooklyn-based 9th District proved to be an extreme manifestation of Obama’s blue state problem: His approval rating was at 43 percent in a Sept. 9 Siena Research Institute poll and 31 percent in a Sept. 11 automated poll by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm. By contrast, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo posted a 75 percent approval rating in the district, according to the Siena poll.
But should the Prez panic ?

Damn straight, says Clinton strategist James Carville. And besides panic, what else should Obama do ? Carville lays out a simple, and to my way of thinking, smart, 4-step program, excerpted below :

1. Fire somebody. No -- fire a lot of people. This may be news to you but this is not going well.

For God's sake, why are we still looking at the same political and economic advisers that got us into this mess? It's not working.

2. Indict people. There are certain people in American finance who haven't been held responsible for utterly ruining the economic fabric of our country. Demand from the attorney general a clear status of the state of investigation concerning these extraordinary injustices imposed upon the American people. I know Attorney General Eric Holder is a close friend of yours, but if his explanations aren't good, fire him too. Demand answers to why no one has been indicted.

3. Make a case like a Democrat. While we are going along with the Republican austerity garbage, who is making the case against it? It's not the Democrats!

We are allowing the over-educated, over-explanatory bureaucrat by the name of (Congresssional Budget Office director Douglas) Elmendorf do all the talking. Do not let him make your case.

4. Hold fast to an explanation. Stick to your rationale for what has happened and what is going to happen under your leadership. You must carry this through until the election (never say that things are improving because evidently they are not).

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