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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Romney Campaign Prepares Plan to Thwart Chief GOP Rival--Michelle Bachmann

As the recent Quinnipiac Poll shows that Michelle Bachmann represents Romney's chief rival for the GOP Presidential nomination, sources in the Romney Camp reveal their three-fold Stop-Bachmann strategy to McKay Coppins of the Daily Beast :
  1. Play up Bachmann's economic inexperience
  2. Otherwise take the high road in criticizing MB 
  3. Don't sweat a Bachmann victory in Iowa, but lay the foundation for a resounding Romney win in New Hampshire that should stop Bachmann's momentum, if any, cold.
In his Crystal Ball Post, Bachmann: Romney’s Best Friend ?, Political Analyst Kyle Kondik sees sees an additional dimension to Romney's Iowa strategy, asserting that in winning Iowa, Bachmann could well force Ex-Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty from the race.

A Bachmann victory in Iowa could eliminate at least one of Romney’s rivals, potentially even Pawlenty. Romney then could confront Bachmann on friendlier territory in New Hampshire, where her religious conservatism would not play quite as well. That would put Romney in the position of John McCain in 2008, as the ideologically questionable front-runner fending off a challenger more beloved by the base (Bachmann as 2012’s Huckabee). Romney is betting that the GOP establishment will get behind him this time, as it did for McCain four years ago.

Perhaps Romney, who is not participating in the Ames, IA straw poll in August, will mimic McCain’s path in another way: effectively skipping Iowa and letting Bachmann do his work there for him.

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