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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey Fiction-Writer, Need Good Editors, Cheap ? Hire Renni Brown and Dave King

Or more accurately, get a copy of SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION-WRITERS.

In < 240pp.,  Brown and King break down the task into twelve categories :  Show and Tell, Characterization and Exposition, Point of View, Dialogue Mechanics, See How It Sounds, Interior Monologue, Easy Beats, Breaking Up is Easy to Do, Once is Usually Enough, Proportion, Sophistication, and Voice.  Each chapter features examples of do's and don't's, a checklist, and exercises.

It's a quick read, but if you're impatient and if there's a specific issue you must absolutely address without delay,  just skip to the chapter that deals with it, e.g., P.O.V. or Interior Monologue, which are my particular bugaboos. 

But those bugaboos would be ancient history if you'd just walked on, Wanda, left well enough alone. But, of course, you couldn't,  could you, Wanda ? Nope, you had to bust right in on my interior dialogue. Couldn't leave well enough alone, just had to bust in, introduce your own sick, twisted P.O.V. !  Well, baby, I've got news for you. We're done. Get your lousy--  NO  WANDA !  PUT DOWN THAT TYPEWRITER !  NO WANDA ! NO--