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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Culture Vulture Ventures to Newburyport

Luckily,  the clouds parted long enough to give rain-drenched Bay-Staters a Memorial Day Weekend respite.  On Saturday the C.V. and Mrs C.V.  hied to Newburyport, where a street festival was in progress.  Unfortunately we could stay only long enough to take in the sights (including the excellent juried show at the Newburyport Art Association ), sounds (the live band in Market Square) and smells (sweet sausage on the grill) and snap a few photos. Next time, we'll stop by Walsingham's for more art,  and sample more of the excellent Mex cuisine at Agave or head across the river to Salisbury, for fried clams at Striper's.

Market Square

One of our favorite art galleries, Churchill's, on the right,  just off Market Square