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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Haley Barbour Presidential Campaign Watch Starts Now

Of all the GOP's candidates, announced or unannounced, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour seems the most likely to win the nomination, at least to this blogger. Hence the inauguration of the Barbour Watch, with an article from conservative New Hampshire daily,  The Manchester Union Leader.

Barbour's quoted remarks about the U.S. role in Afghanistan and Libya--advocating in the one case minimal involvement, and in the other no involvement whatsoever--are intriguing. If nothing else, they indicate that Barbour will not make it easy for the President to do in 2012 what he has consistently done from the primaries through his inauguration and the 2010 Elections, and persists in doing even now, namely, campaign against George Bush.     

For more on Barbour, check out the Wikipedia article, or survey the many articles in THE POLTICO,  or check out the Governor's website, as opposed to his PAC site.

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