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Monday, March 7, 2011

Guess Who Else is Outsourcing Engineering ?

In a SEEKING ALPHA post,  Edward Hugh tells us it's Japan, many of whose companies " many Japanese companies have outsourced research, development and engineering overseas in the last twenty years."

Why ? Seems Japanese students' interest in math, science, and engineering is on the decline.

Even so, according to a 2010 NYT article Hugh cites,  these same Japanese companies aren't merely sending these tech jobs overseas, they're sending Japanese workers overseas to do them !

“Japanese outsourcers are hiring Japanese workers to do the jobs overseas — and paying them considerably less than if they were working in Japan. Japanese outsourcers like Transcosmos and Masterpiece have set up call centers, data-entry offices and technical support operations staffed by Japanese workers in cities like Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei.”