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Monday, March 28, 2011

Germany's Stance on Libya : Schizoid, Phobic, and Eminently Assailable

What other conclusion can one sensibly draw from the recent conduct of the Merkel government, as reported by DER SPEIGEL  ?

One minute, the foreign minister proclaims, 'Gadhafi must go'. Then the German rep on the U.N. Security Council abstains from voting on the No-Fly Resolution. Then the development minister proclaims that the Coalition's hypocritical, beause all it really cares about is Libyan oil.

(Hmm.  Supposedly, some members of the Merkel government felt that the U.N. resolution wasn't sufficiently specific, and that, furthermore, not all non-military options had been exercised. What options would those be ? Wishing and hoping that the dictator would honor his professed,  oft-violated ceasefire and withdraw his aricraft,  artillery and tanks before they slaughtered every last man woman and child in the rebel cities and towns ?)

No wonder that some high-ranking types from previous administrations, having had a bellyful of the Merkel gang's [ your favorite expletive here ], are speaking out :

"Germany has lost its credibility in the United Nations and in the Middle East," wrote former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer in a contribution to the Tuesday edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "German hopes for a permanent seat on the Security Council have been permanently dashed and one is now fearful of Europe's future."

Klaus Naumann, formerly the general inspector of the Bundeswehr -- the highest ranking position in the German military -- was, if anything, even harsher in his assessment. "Germany's hopes for a permanent Security Council seat can be buried. Even the idea of an EU seat is damaged," he wrote in a piece for the business daily Handelsblatt. "Germany has turned the idea of a unified European Union foreign policy into a farce."