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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Which ETF's or ETN's Are On Ron Rowland's Current ETF DEATHWATCH ?

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Who's got the most products on this list of endangered funds ?  
The three sponsors with the largest number of products on the list are ProShares with 21, Invesco PowerShares 19 (20 if you include the BLDRS brand), and iShares 18.  The PowerShares quantity would have been much higher, but it closed and liquidated 10 funds in December.  All three sponsors have a large number of listed products, so while they may have many struggling funds, these funds do not represent a majority of their product lines.
On the other hand, all of FaithShares and Grail's ETF's are on the watchlist, and the "eight ETNs from ELEMENTS on ETF Deathwatch are perpetual members of the list."  And Guggenheim has 10 entries on the list,  but they're marketed under three different brand names (Guggenheim, Claymore, and  Wilshire).

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