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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Backward and Looking Ahead in U.S. Politics

Molly Ball of THE POLITICO reviews ' The 10 worst decisions of 2010 ', which include :
Delaware Republicans' nomination of Christine O'Donnell
Jack Conway's "Aqua Buddha" TV ad
Eric Massa's tickle defense
Sharron Angle speaks to Hispanic high schoolers
Martha Coakley riles up Red Sox Nation
Joe Barton's BP apology
Joe Miller's journalist detention
Raul Grijalva's home-state boycott
Charles Rangel fires his lawyer
Alexander Burns of THE POLITICO comes up with his ' Top 10 questions for 2011 ' :
What will Barack Obama say in the State of the Union?
When — and where — will the Obama reelect start?
Will Sarah Palin run?
How will the White House handle Darrell Issa?
What about that July Afghanistan deadline?
Whither Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates?
Will House Republicans actually try to defund health care and Wall Street reform?
What happens to Cuccinelli v. Sebelius? [ObamaCare Court Case in Virginia]
Who wins the redistricting wars?
What's in Dick Cheney's book?
And finally, political experts respond to THE WASHINGTON POST's query,' What will be 2011's biggest political surprise ? '
ED ROGERS (Chairman of BGR Group; White House staffer to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush) : "The biggest political surprise in 2011 may come in the form of the shock produced by public-sector labor strikes and demonstrations that could stray into civil disorder as state and local governments cut budgets."
JENNIFER PALMIERI (President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund; deputy press secretary in the Clinton White House) : "Republican efforts to repeal health care-reform will do more to sell the public on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act than any education efforts to date."
DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN (Democratic pollster and author) : " The biggest political surprise of 2011 will be the emergence of a potentially serious third-party candidate for president in 2012. There is simply too much dissatisfaction with Washington and with our political system for this not to happen. "
DANA PERINO (White House press secretary to President George W. Bush): " I predict the new Congress will do something useful right away: Reverse the ban on good, old-fashioned and ordinary incandescent light bulbs. "
CATHERINE A. "KIKI" MCLEAN (Democratic strategist; founding leader of the No Labels movement; partner at the public relations firm Porter Novelli) : " The great political surprise of 2011 may well be the result of the great political surprise of 2010: a suspension - if only for this pre-presidential campaign year - of the hyper-partisanship that gridlocked Congress."

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