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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ford's New Fuel Economy Wrinkle Now On North American Models

The Auto Stop-Start System will be available on "conventional North American vehicles ", reports Robert Daniel in MARKETWATCH.
The technology, which turns off the engine when a vehicle stops, is currently available on the Ford Fusion and Escape hybrid vehicles and on some conventional Ford cars in Europe.
According to Ford, the system not only improves the fuel economy of gasoline engines between  4% and 10%, but also eliminates emissions when the vehicle is stopped or otherwise stationary.
“In city driving when the vehicle is stopped, the engine restarts the instant the driver’s foot leaves the brake pedal,” Ford’s statement said.
For both hybrids and conventional vehicles, when the Auto Start-Stop system kicks in and the engine is off, all accessories, including the heater and air conditioner, work as they normally do, Ford said.