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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Carols and Hymns #8 - Christ was Born on Christmas Day

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Christ was born on Christmas Day
Wreathe the holly, twine the bay;
Christus natus hodie;
The Babe, The Son, the Holy One of Mary.

He is born to set us free,
He is born our Lord to be,
Ex Maria Virgine,
The God, the Lord, by all ador’d forever.

Let the bright red berries glow,
Ev’ry where in goodly show,
Christus natus hodie;
The Babe, the Son, the Holy One of Mary.

Christian men, rejoice and sing,
‘Tis the birthday of a King
Ex Maria Virgine;
The God, the Lord, by all ador'd forever.

Sing out with bliss,
His name is this: Immanuel!
As twas foretold in days of old,
By Gabriel.

RESONET IN LAUDIBUS (same melody) :

Resonet in laudibus,
cum jucundis plausibus.
Sion confidelibus
apparuit quem genuit Maria.

Pueri concinite
nato regi psalite,
voce pia dicite
apparuit quem genuit Maria.

Hodie apparuit in Israel,
sunt impleta quæ prædixit Gabriel.
Eia, eia.
Virgo Deum genuit,
quod divina voluit clementia.
Let praises ring out
and joyful acclaim:
the one whom Mary bore has appeared
to the faithful in Zion.

Let all sing together to the boy,
strike the harp for the newborn king,
speak with a holy voice:
he has appeared whom Mary bore.

This day appreared in Israel,
what Gabriel foretold has been fulfilled.
Eia, eia,
A virgin has given birth to God,
as He wished in His divine mercy.