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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A musical goodbye to the Summer of 2010, the Summer that never was...

What better paean to Summer's end than The Sandals' theme for 60's surfing documentary, THE ENDLESS SUMMER ?

Surf-guitar-king Dick Dale and White Blues Legend, (the late) Stevie Ray Vaughan cover Dale's 60's hit PIPELINE.

Summer's ending ? The Beach Boys say,  DON"T WORRY BABY

And Don Henley counsels, don't look back. THE BOYS OF SUMMER come, and go.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Immanence of Ulysses in Western Culture : TALES OF BRAVE ULYSSES

1. Cream, TALES OF BRAVE ULYSSES, from their
Disraeli Gears Album


3. Background of the song - INTERVIEW

Movie for approaching fall #2 - ULYSSES (1954)

1. ULYSSES : The Tapestry of Penelope and The Quest of Telemachus

2. ULYSSES : The Sirens

3. ULYSSES : Circe

Movie for approaching fall #1 : THE WILD BUNCH

1. Siskel and Ebert on THE WILD BUNCH

2. Leonard Maltin on THE WILD BUNCH

3. Trailer -THE WILD BUNCH 

4. The Final Shootout

BBC World Service Series - How despots worldwide manipulate "useful idiots" in the West...

Hedging risk with TIPS vs Gold : a thought-provoking article in SEEKING ALPHA reports : Implementation of Financial Overhaul Off to Rocky Start

Anti-deflation trumps anti-inflation at the Fed...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Music for a late summer night #3, from Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love

From Adrian Lyne's film 9 1/2 Weeks...

Music for a late summer night #2, from Roxy Music

Roxy Music - Avalon

Music for a late summer night #1, from Roxy Music

Roxy Music - More than This

Fathers and Sons : Rock Cover #3 - I'M A BELIEVER

Another toss-up between The Monkees' original, and the cover by Smashmouth.

Fathers and Sons : Rock Covers #2 - CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU BABY

It's a toss up between the original  by  Question Mark and the Mysterians and the version by Smashmouth, in my view.

Fathers and Sons : Rock Covers #1 RED RED WINE

Neil Diamond's original Red Red Wine,  and UB40's compelling reggae cover.  I prefer the latter

Friday, August 6, 2010

Is the novella making a comeback ?

So says this DAILY BEAST article.

Another song for Friday night.

The Chambers Brothers - The Time Has Come Today

The End of Men, according to THE ATLANTIC

The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling's "Factual" Findings

State Department: Iran Sponsors Terrorists Who Kill Americans

Do Gaza Flotillas Provide Material Support to Hamas?

A Grand Unified Theory of the Jobless Recovery

From the pages of  The Atlantic

Why is China Picking Fights with Indonesia?

Chinese adventurism in the South China Sea is clearly on the rise.

Red Sox 2010 Season unofficially over...

With their best hitter and gold-glove 1st baseman out for the duration,  the BoSox can bid a not so fond farewell to the misbegotten injury-plagued 2010 season.

Next season I look forward to 
  • not seeing Adrian Beltre take out any more BoSox left-fielders, because he'll be taking his act elsewhere, probably.
  • not seeing catchers who can't catch anybody stealing bases, though with Saltalamacchia, it's even money whether he'll get the ball back to his pitcher, never mind to whoever's covering 2nd
  • not seeing a bunch of 35+ year -olds trotted out as our saviors... Probably Theo will sign 40+ year-olds
  • not seeing middle relievers and Papelbon give up games we should've won
  • not seeing countless Red Sox fail to get down a f***ing  bunt.
Yes, chances are I'll watch porn instead.

Late breaking local news story, from The Onion

Boston Globe Tailors Print Edition For Three Remaining Subscribers

The good news : a housing shortage will wipe out excess inventory and revive the construction industry.

Housing Shortage Coming

The bad news : that shortage won't arrive for another 4 or 5 years.

What you get when you subtract the 'L' from 'BLS'...

July Payroll Report Marks 3 Years of Job Losses

Interesting how many of the 71,000 jobs supposedly added last month were the result of a BLS "adjustment".  Many of the jobs actually added were in the public sector. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Excellent survey of the respective Bull and Bear scenarios...

Why the Market Could Be Lower...But Isn't

Song for the day...

  Spinal Tap - GIMME SOME MONEY !

Multiplier Effect Definition - Courtesy of Investopedia

Velocity of Money Definition - Courtesy of Investopedia

How Money Makes The Economy Move, according to Investopedia

Velocity of Money and Money Multiplier- Why Deflation is Possible Is Possible.asp
This excellent article provides background on the recession in terms of thefalling velocity of money and concurrent decrease in the "multiplier".  Basically,  the slower money moves through the system, the fewer hands it passes through via transactions.. you get the picture.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bonus non-INXS track : Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - If You Leave

Bonus INXS Track : "Disappear"

'ETF Deathwatch' tracks Exchange-Traded Funds in danger of going bust.

Read the Seeking Alpha article, "ETF Deathwatch for August 2010 Climbs to 146 Names"

Song for this hot, sultry night...

What better than INXS'  equally sultry  "I Need You Tonight" ?

The "Fiduciary Duty" standard for brokers is doomed.

Why ? Maybe because ex-SEC staffers are heading to Wall Street to help their new employers gut "Fin-Reg".  Read "Making a Mockery of Financial Reform"  by Jake Zamansky in Seeking Alpha.

Stagnation in the housing market affects unemployment beyond skilled trades and construction materials suppliers.

If you can't sell your house, you can't move to where they're hiring. And the state-to-state migration rate is at a fifty-year low, according writes Michael A. Fletcher, in a recent Washington Post article.

Does it make sense to buy and hold stocks ? Yes, argues this article in Seeking Alpha.

Five Stocks Prove Buy and Hold Is Not Dead

U.S. Corporations are awash in cash but as John Lounsbury points out, they're even more awash in debt

Read his article at Seeking Alpha, Balance Sheet Lies, Bond Bubbles, Misuse of Debt and Hidden Risks