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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who are the WalMart Moms ? And who will they vote for, come November ?

Car dealers should not be exempt from fin regs that would prevent them from screwing customers

Kristol on Afghanistan

Medicare burns while the House and Senate Democrats argue.

Tonto say, ' Bad medicine.'

Yes, he does.

Loose cannon McChrystal must go. But when he does, the President takes full responsibility for the consequences in Afghanistan.

Apparently, the President's Afghansitan military/political team is essentially a Chinese fire-drill ( BTW I do not meant to malign Chinese firemen). My advice. Fire the lot. Tell NATO and other troops to go home. Withdraw from Iraq and send all troops to A'stan. Make this a purely American effort, where we dont's rely on useless/cowardly allies.

Alternative One: withdraw, then when then Taliban are fat and happy, bomb the hell out of them.

BTW - what's NATO worth these days ?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Greg Feirman sees a housing double dip...

...except in sunny Cal, which just enacted its own homebuyer tax credit.

David White on Why China's Unpegging of Yuan Is a Sham, at SEEKING ALPHA

Red Sox One Game out of 1st - I'm not a believer

My skepticism about the Bosox from May has not evaporated, despite the fact that the team has since then shaved 7.5 games off the American League East lead and reduced their team ERA by about .75, to roughly 4.25.

Theo's team is way too fragile for the long haul, and when Youkilis and Pedroia break down,  as surely they will, this team will be toast.

As for the return of Jacoby Ellsbury,  who knows when that will happen and how long he will play before his next injury ? Already he seems to be as indestructible as J D Drew.  And Japanese Non-phenom Dice-K and Josh Beckett rank as the pitching staff's great disappointments, along with Jon Lackey.  And this bullpen lacks a consistent middle-man.

On the plus side, it's easier to root for the guys who play every day and produce, like Pedroia and Youkilis,  and with relative stoicism bounce around between roles, like Tim Wakefield.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shelburne Museum in Burlington, Vermont a must see

Located about ten minutes south of Burlington, the Shelburne is a sprawling museum of countless buildings and collections, spanning high European and American Art to crafts such as Quilts.

It took the Culture Vulture and the Mrs. two days to take in just over half of the exhibits, both the current exhibits -- Ansel Adams, Amercian Maritime Art - and permanent collections, such as the paintings in the Havemeyer House and the so-called Crazy Quilts.

The admission fee is a bit stiff, but it's good for two days.

I would say that north of Boston, this is flat-out the best museum.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turkey turns east, away from the EU, NATO, and the West

I'm not saying that the Israelis handled the farcical 'Aid Flotilla' well. They didn't. They screwed up bigtime, just like they did during their recent incursion into Lebanon to get Hamas.  

But Turkey's provocative role in this situation shows that she does not belong in Europe.  Or is not willing to do what is necesssary to be part of Europe, which is to say, to be admitted into the EU. That issue is clearly as dead as any possibility of a negotiated settlement re: Cyprus.

As for Turkey's remaining Western role, within NATO, one can legitimately question whether there is one. Her recent attempts to prevent sanctions from being imposed on Iran as a consequence of Iran's insistence on developing a nuclear arsenal can only be seen as hostile to the U.S.  ( BTW, I have no ga-dammed idea why Brazil is involved in any of this. )

Yes. I'm saying Carville is right about something (the Oil Spill).

Hell is freezing over.
We can't go on indefinitely deferring to BP and the clueless Coast Guard hierarchy.  There is no excuse. Heads must roll, yesterday. Except among the clueless, there is unanimous support for drastic action.Obama should appoint someone who knows how to organize a military-style, large-scale effort as cleanup Czar, Colin Powell or the like. 
This must be fixed, and soon. The time for speechifying and blame-mongering is over.